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Total Overdose

    You begin the game as Ramiro Cruz, El Gringo Loco to his friends and enemies. He is one seriously bad-assed ex-con who attempts to take down the criminal organizations that smoked his brother and father. He claims for revenge!Playing as Ramiro Cruz you will have to kill everything moving on the screen, and it will bring back to your mind Robert Rodriguez movies.It’s got serious game chops, slapstick humor, better-than-decent graphics, and a whole lot of crazy fun buried deep in its core.A third-person action shooter employing the deployment of thousands of bullets every few minutes, Total Overdose uses shooting as the mechanic to set everything off. The more guys you kill, things you break, and the greater the diversity of moves earns you points, increasing your kill chain.Fire your guns and finish all enemies doing completely insane special moves, and all this surrounded with a delightfully rough and tumble soundtrack.

Ever found the lifestyle of the drug cartels interesting? Like the Grand Theft Auto games, Total Overdose takes us through a story of vengeance. When the cartels murder a father, sons come seeking answers and violent drug lords fight back. If you like furious gunfights and heavy bloodshed, Total Overdose delivers the goods. The Gunslinger’s Tale of Mexico Fast and dynamic gunfights set in open-city environments, and don’t forget loco—muy loco! The formula of the game concocts a recipe filled with run-and-gun action in an exploration-style environment. The fast-paced gun battles sit in the same section as the Max Payne series, and you always have the option to explore the elements of your environment. Biggest Reason to Check It Out Total Overdose packs every corner of the room with fast bullets and furious gunfights. In fact, those two elements make up the core of the gameplay, and it combines itself with a varied move set. You can pull off some Matrix-like moves, such as slowing down time. All of this happens with blood everywhere as you pop some caps into the Mexican cartels. The entire success of this game has hinged upon the strength of these elements because outside the constant battles with drug lords, the game isn’t as appealing. Special Body Moves in Your Gun Battles As you cruise through this violent Mexican tale, the game gives you several special movements like wall-hopping, slow motion lunges, back flips and cartwheels. Along with that, you can activate special shots to leave your enemies bullet-riddled and wishing they’d made better life choices. Special Gun Fighting Moves You also have short-time special moves, and you spend tokens to unlock them. For example, you might buy the move, “El Mariachi.” This is where you receive two guitar cases full of bullets to burn through shells like a raging fire. Some of the other gun fighting tricks include the Tornado where you jump into the air and rain down bullets on the enemy like a violent twister. If you want another cool move, the Raging Bull is another one where you charge full speed at the drug smugglers and kill them. While it sounds far-fetched and unrealistic, this game lets you live the fantasy of movie-style gun battles. Special Moves: To Use or Not to Use The special moves of the game bring a new element to it, but gamers will either abuse it or not use it at all because it makes the levels too easy. It depends on how you like to play games, but the standard gun fights of this game are usually enough for you to take down anyone you might face, and special moves like the Tornado work best when enemies have surrounded you. Pros Interesting and unique game Fun story line Cool special moves Dynamic and lively gun battles Cons Nothing extraordinarily groundbreaking Cool but impractical special moves Source:  

He goes to a hangar and steal an airplane from there. It seems that everything is going fine. But whenever he comes back with his friends, They push him out of the plane. That’s why developers have named this game, Total Overdose. After this painful event, His sons decides to revenge. They search everywhere to find their father’s killer. In some of levels, you play as Ramiro “Ram”. At the other parts, Take the role of Tomas “Tommy”.

Ernesto’s killer is in a mafia band. You won’t be able to find him easily. So prepare yourself to fight with lots of enemies on the way. Because of this game’s Open World genre, You are free to roam in the Mexico. If you want to play the story, Go to the points on the map. But story mode is not enjoyable enough, Go to the Sub Missions. These missions give player great money. Also they are really exciting for players. You can get help from your twin brother in the fights. Help each other to get to the main aim.

There are many gangs in the city which don’t like you to reach your goals. Defeat all of them one by one to get more powerful. This game is so much like Grand Theft Auto franchise. But Deadline Games haven’t copied anything from it. Total Overdose has acceptable graphics but its gameplay is so much addictive.

Features of Total Overdose:

  • Three playable characters in the game
  • Simulates Mexico City with lots of details
  • Steal anything you want and sell it
  • Great shooting system

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 and 8.1
  • CPU: 2.1 GHz Dual Core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 5 GB

File Size : 466.56 MB

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Head south of the border in this fast-paced action game.

In Total Overdose, you play the character of Ram Cruz who has headed to Mexico to find his father’s killer. Explore the town of Los Toros with your brother Tommy as you search the subject of your vengeance. As with many games, as you begin to complete missions you start to unlock better weapons to help you along on your main quest.
You will have to use a combination of quick reaction time, weapons and your fighting skills to survive. If you are looking for a game that offers plenty of drama, gun fights and a great storyline, Total Overdose will be the game you want. This open-world shooter will remind you of the Grand Theft Auto series for its openness and freedom, finding more and more opportunities, and extra missions, as you explore the map.
The main mission of Total Overdose will have you fighting a wide range of opponents as you explore the border town of Los Toros. The developers of the game borrowed the bullet-time technique that is featured in the Max Payne series, but add their own touch to enhance it with special moves. It can take some time to learn how to use it effectively, but it is worth the effort. Fans of open-world games will like the freedom of exploration, and FPS fanatics will love the action. Total Overdose is a game that meets the needs of many different types of players and is well worth giving a try.


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