SB Game Hacker APK Working Version Free Download

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SB Game Hacker APK Working Version Free Download

Playing  Hacked games on a smartphone is the best timepass activity in the current generation and if that is possible with Game Hacker app it become more awesome. Most of the young people are now using their smartphones as a gaming device. Gamers are most ambitious about the scores in their games. They want to achieve the best numbers in their favorite games. They want to beat their friends. They want to be the number one on the top performer’s list in the games. But it’s not easy to be on top of the game. It requires tremendous efforts and thousands of hours to be on the top scorer. So, here’s the news for all the mischievous Android gamers out there. SB Game Hacker App helps you to hack most of the games in the Android smartphones.

You might find plenty of android game hacking apps in the market, but only a few are compatible with most android phones. SB game hacker is an app that runs on any android phone. With Game Hacker for android you can hack games such as Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, and Subway Surfers. These are just a few examples of games that you can hack into once you get this app on your phone.Not only games but with game hacker you can also unlock the premium features of other apps for free. These hacking tools lend a helping hand on your journey of winning these games easily and show off to your friends and prank them. Most of the websites don’t have the working version of this app, but here you will get the 100% working version of Game hacker Apk free download.

SB Game Hacker APK Download

None of the Hacking apps are allowed on Google Playstore, and SB game hacker is no exception to it. As game hacker is not available on playstore, the only way to install this app on your phone is through Game hacker free download. Click on the download button below to download SB game hacker for android, and follow the tutorial in the next section to know how to install an apk file.
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There’s this stigma attached with apps like Game Hacker that it can only be installed on android smartphones that have been rooted. No! The developers game have reached to such a level that Game Hacker No Root version exists specifically to break this particular myth. The exclusive Game Hacker apk no root version can be downloaded from the link given below. Beware that the game hacker app no root only works on android and non rooted smartphones. There’s a separate apk version of game hacker for rooted smartphones. 

(Once you click on the download button below, you will be redirected to another page where you need to select the version of Game hacker you want to download. Select the required version to start the download (We recommend you to select the most latest version of the app).​ Download SB Game Hacker APK

How To Use Game Hacker App For Android?

Step 1: Go to your android phone settings, then select security and enable “Unknown sources”. Once that is done download game hacker free apk to your phone.

Step 2: Open the apk file and tap on install and wait till the file in installed, after that is done, launch the Game Hacker.

Step 3: When you open Game Hacker you will lot of Chinese instructions move along scroll to the end, till you reach “Yes” and “No”.

Step 4: Select yes, tap on it. You have accepted the licence agreement. Now the file will close and it will display a message or prompt that requests for root access. Grant root access.

Step 5: Next you might see a screen with icons or logos, tap on the screen to continue with the installation process.

Step 6Sb Game Hacker will minimise and you will have a quick access logo of game hacker hovering on top left corner of your android phone screen.

Step 7: Now open any game that you want to hack into.

Step 8: Play it for about a few minutes, win some coins or score. after that you can tap on hovering game hacker icon it will display a search box.

Step 9: Alter the details like enter the number of coins or you could enter the value of the current score, and then tap on the search icon. If it displays a single item, then select it and enter the number of coins you want or score you want.

Step 10: Suppose it displays more than one item then you will just have to play the game again, earn some points that you need to changes and do the search again. You might have to repeat that until you get a single item.

Step 11: That’s it the entire installation process of Sb Game Hacker and how it works.

Alternatively, You can also Download Game Guardian app for tweaking apps for higher hp, sp.

How to Install SB Game hacker on PC

Step 1: Get Bluestacks android emulator for your pc, You can download it from its official website for free.

Step 2: Once you have bluestacks installed on your PC, open the downloaded file, if you have a preinstalled program that runs Android files then you might have to right click on the file and select “open with” bluestacks.

Step 3: When it opens with bluestacks click on “Install” and you won’t have to wait long after that. The app will be installed on your PC. And if you want to know how to use it then follow the installation process for android from Step 3.

What are the features in SB Game Hacker ?

SB Game Hacker  is a special game hacking app. There are tons of game hack apps on the internet. Most of them are available for free too. But there is a reason why most of the gamers consider SB Game Hacker  as the best game hacking app in the market. We need to explore its features to know why.

There are many applications of game hacker and as the name suggests, hacking different games is the major forte. Game hacker for Clash of Clans is very effective, there are many unique hacks that users can implement. Apart from coc, game hacker for mini militia,  dead target, teen patti, hungry shark revolution, ​etc are the most sought after games that users want to hack using game hacker. 

Here are some of the features in SB Game Hacker app :

  • SB Game Hacker  will never annoy you with the pointless advertisements. It is completely advertisement free and there are no in-app purchases.
  • Data filtering: This features works in determining the size of the data range, as well as improves the efficiency.
  • Fuzzy search: The name itself should give you a clue to its purpose when you are not sure what to enter in the search field, at times like that fuzzy search can come in easy it provides relevant search results.
  • SB Game Hacker is an extraordinary game modifying tool with which you can effortlessly modify most of the games in Android Play Store. We can easily say that it is one of the best game modifying tools for the Android. With the help of SB Game Hacker, you can get infinite money, unlimited gold, unlimited lives and many more in many of the popular Android games.
  • Accurate Search: When you play the game suppose if you see that you have 50000 coins in the game you are currently playing than you input 50000 when you start the search with SB game hacker app if it shows you only one search item in the list then you can edit the data enter 99999 in its place and once you go back to playing the game you will see that your total coins have been changed to 99999. Game Hacker for iOS & android uses a powerful Accurate Search mechanism with which the user can search any value he/she sees in the game. For example, if the user sees that there are 4500 coins in a particular Android game, he can simply perform a search in SB Game Hacker app for “4500” so it retrieves the data wherever it finds 4500 in that game. Now, the user can simply edit the number and enter a new number in that place. So, if he/she enters 10000 in the place of 4500, he will now have 10000 coins in the game.
  • Most of the Game Hacker apps out there are not capable of searching or editing the decimal point values. If the value like coins, money or anything is not an integer and if it is a decimal point like 400.50 etc, you can edit that value using Floating Point feature in SB Gamer Hacker APK.
  • SB Gamer Hacker APK app is an efficient tool to remove the license verification from any kind of apps and games in the Android smartphones. So, you can use the apps without a verified license with the help of SB Game Hacker android app.
  • Privacy is very important while you are trying to hack the applications. SB Game Hacker respects your privacy. It will never send any kind of data from your side to the servers. So, you can feel private and secure while hacking with SB Game Hacker. And moreover, it is really easy to hack any kind of app in the Android using SB Game Hacker.
  • You need not worry if there is no WiFi or data on your mobile phone. SB Game Hacker works even when there is no internet connection.
  • It supports the Chinese language also. We don’t if that can be considered as a useful feature for our website visitors.
  • SB Game Hacker  does not eat up lots of space on your Android phone. It’s just under 5 MB which is really a small size for the applications. So users who worry about their internal storage need not worry to install SB Game Hacker APK on their mobile phone.

How to Install SB Game hacker on PC

Step 1: Get Bluestacks android emulator for your pc, You can download it from its official website for free.

game hacker

Step 2: Once you have bluestacks installed on your PC, open the downloaded file, if you have a preinstalled program that runs Android files then you might have to right click on the file and select “open with” bluestacks.

Step 3: When it opens with bluestacks click on “Install” and you won’t have to wait long after that. The app will be installed on your PC. And if you want to know how to use it then follow the installation process for android from Step 3.

Game Hacker For iOS [No Jailbreak]

Game hacking is not limited to android. Even the iPhone/iPad users can use game hacker app for iOS and jump forward in games. However, the game hacker iOS apps & android apps are not mutual. There are some really cool alternatives available on the internet for iOS game hackers without jailbreak. GBA4iOS is one of the most popular game hacker for iOS. It is an emulator to run GBA games on iOS and there are tons of hacks available for each games that you can play over it. In order to download game hacker for iOS no jailbreak, follow the steps below. 

How To Download & Install Game Hacker iOS

  1. Go to and download the latest version of GBA4iOS.
  2. Select “Install” to begin the installation.
  3. Now to allow unknown sources, go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management. 
  4. Under Enterprise App, allow the source to start using GBA4iOS. 
  5. Start GBA4iOS and hack the games right away.

SB Game Hacker Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to root my android phone to make this work?

Yes, otherwise it won’t work, when you install the app there is a time when you have to grant root access to it.

What are the games supported by this hacking tool?

Here is a list of some games that this hacking tool supports :

  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Clash Royale
  • Clash of Clans
  • Game of War
  • Pokemon Go
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • MARVEL Contest of champions
  • Teen patti
  • Toy Blast

It’s in Chinese where can I find the English version?

Follow the installation process you will see that you have to skip the Chinese part and click on “ok” to continue with the installation process.

What are the permissions you need to grant for SB Game Hacker App APK?

SB Game Hacker App  APK just ask you for the basic permissions. You need not worry to grant the permissions for this app. It will not disturb you much and it is safe and secure to use this app on your smartphone.

Here is a list of permissions for SB Game Hacker :

Device & app history

This permission is related to reading history and web bookmarks


It just finds the accounts connected to the device.


It reads the contacts on your phone. Able to modify the contacts and find the connected accounts on the device.


It reads the contents of the internal storage or the USB storage. It reads, deletes, modifies the content of your USB.


It reads the phone status, call logs, identity, writing call log, adding voicemail etc.


This permission allows the app to read the MMS or SMS text messages and edit the text messages.

Call Information and Device ID

This permission allows the app to read identity and phone status.


When you download the latest version of the Sb Game hacker app you will get more updated features, As this app continuously works on improving itself from the feedbacks it has received from the gamers who are invested in the services provided by Sb Game Hackerapp, it is an open source app so you can get it from the above link or you could search for it at your trusted source where you download all your apk files. 

We strongly recommend you to download the apk files from our website. Downloading the apk files from the unknown websites is not safe. It’s easy to spread viruses in the apk files, so the blackhat marketers always target the apk files to spread the viruses and malware. Game Hacker app is the best app available in the market today. It is the only game hacker app you need to hack any kind of game on your Android smartphone. You’ll fall in love with it once you start using it. Developers are SB Game Hacker APK are doing good job in releasing the updates consistently. We always put the latest version of App on our website. We hope this guide helped you to know everything about SB Game Hacker APK.


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